Electrical, Gas, Heating, Plumbing Surveys & Certificates

When you buy your first home or make the next step up the property ladder 99% of you commission a survey for your potential home. These surveys do not include a full in depth report of the electrical, gas, plumbing and heating installation. This can be an expensive oversight. We offer a complete survey of the electrical, plumbing and heating installation (including gas appliances) within a dwelling.

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Why choose to have a Home Buyers Electric, Gas, Heating & Plumbing survey?

Buyers: Buying a house is usually the biggest financial decision you will make! To make your decision easier why not instruct us to complete a Home Buyers electrical, heating and plumbing survey on the house you are about to purchase. Having evidence that your future home is up to current standards will help you to form a financial decision regarding your future property.

Sellers: The housing market is becoming more and more competitive! With a home buyers electrical, gas, heating and plumbing survey you can show evidence to potential buyers that the electrics, gas, heating and plumbing are to current standards within your home.This will give you an advantage when selling your house because buyers can be reassured that there will be no further expenses down the line.

Why are our surveys different to any others?

We offer our surveys on a non bias basis. We will give you an accurate and truthful account of the condition of your electrics, gas, heating and plumbing. If remedial work is needed you can use this survey to show any potential contractor when quoting for works; this will eliminate the worry of engineers over rating jobs. For a one off fee we will instruct our engineers to complete the surveys and issue you with your home buyers electrical, gas, heating and plumbing certificates.